Guide How To Convert Spotify Music To Mp3!

- Using Record Demon As The Tool

Works for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. You need a soundcard to be able to choose stereo mix.


Step 1 Download Record Demon from (link).
Step 2 Start Spotify and Record Demon.
Step 3

Change audioinput in Record Demon into Stereo mix.


It should look like this:

Step 4 Mark the song in the spotify you would like to convert into mp3 and save on your harddrive, by clicking it ONCE. Example: It should look like this after you clicked/marked the song.

Step 5

Press the button "F1" on your keyboard and this window should pop up:

Fill in the artist and song, this will be the name of the mp3.
Example: Type in "R Kelly - Worlds Greatest" and it will save it was "R Kelly - Words Greatest.mp3".

Press Ok.

Step 6

The next window will be this one:


Instead of "Record Demon" Type in "Spotify" (Important that you use a big S)


IT should look like this :

Press Ok.

Step 7

Because you dont want to have to wait for the song to end and then press stop you can put a time limit for it to automatically stop the recording. Just look in Spotify and see how long the song is, then type it in the box below.


Press Ok.

Step 6

Now just wait for the song to end and the recording will end aswell, and you will have your song in the same directory as your program.


You just converted an Spotify song into mp3! ENJOY!